Land North of Bicknor Wood Update

Land North of Bicknor Wood (Bicknor Green development).  The full planning application goes before Maidstone Planning Committee in the Town Hall on Thursday 17th August. The meeting starts at 6.30pm but it is the fourth application so likely to be some time later.

It would be good to get as many people as possible to attend to show the committee members the keen interest we have in this site. You can book a 3 minute slot to speak if you wish. Contact Debbie Snook at Maidstone Borough Council on 01622 602030. 

To view the content go to MBC website, select the “Council” tab and you will find the planning meetings and the report to the Committee.

You can also lobby the committee members by sending them an email.

The report states:

Access to the site via Bicknor Farm (which the landowner has agreed to) has been dismissed by officers as not matching the Local Plan. Perhaps we could pressure on the committee to be bold and review that.
Also the report states that it is not a requirement that this development has to fund a Village Hall and facilities exist at Langley Park. How do you feel about that?
Additionally the report still includes the closure of White Horse Lane at the junction of Gore Court Road (due to poor visibility!!) as well as Gore Court Road at its junction with Sutton Road. Is this what you want to see happen?

Please support Otham PC in its continued fight against this development in its current form by coming or speaking at the meeting, or lobbying via email or post before the meeting.